The Boars Head Kidderminster

The BHG - The Boars Head Gallery

The BHG is a unique concept that has been brought to a town that has been crying out for an Arts venue for years. Kidderminster has always been a town with a marvellous brewing creative talent. We have a strong lead with Arts councillor Loz Samuels and a vibrant celebration of Art in August with the Kidderminster Arts Festival (of which saw the recent re-development  of the Subways, lead by street artist Dom ‘Deed’ Dunlea).


At the Gallery we currently have artists exhibiting within the self-contained area of The Boars Head Pub. There is wall space available here for new artists and artists who may even be intimidated by the traditional gallery, but find a more social environment easier to approach. The BHG is to be run as a non-profit venue alongside artists involved in KAF (Kidderminster Arts Festival).


We are currently in the process of developing an upstairs arts space that can be used for workshops, events and exhibitions for various groups throughout the community. This area should be launching late autumn. There has been no struggle for enthusiasm, but the only struggle lying in the funding of the refurbishment of the venue. The Arts has to function on a low budget and we are currently looking to source materials from outside sources.


When up and running we believe The BHG can be a flourishing, artistic hub for the local community. It is also currently and continuing to be the base for KAF Creatives (a collective of artists running projects in and around the Kidderminster Arts Festival).



Would you like to propose an exhibition or workshop or apply for wall space to exhibit?

Please email (include specific details of size, specifications and prices of work for sale) 

Do you have any materials you could donate to The BHG or run a business that would be interested in sponsoring The BHG?

Please email



Photograph of artworks hanging at the Gallery